The Best Minimalist Jewelry Brands Everyone Should Know

Whether you are a hopeless romantic person just like many or a true minimalist; this exclusive minimalist jewelry brands’ list will help you in updating your dream jewelry drawer. I don’t keep track of any other stuff like clothing brands or cosmetics, but in terms of jewelry; particularly metallic, my taste has developed truly during the past 10 years. I was initially platinum-and-sterling-silver-only kind of girl, but during the past few years, I fell in love from head over heels with rose gold and metallic.

Over past years, jewelry designers have also got the taste of different metals, because when you have a look at the remarkable and gorgeous jewelry pieces available, you will find gold as the prominent element as compared to silver that dominated a few years back. Gold can match with all skin tones instantly and gives a more romantic and feminine feel to any type of minimalist piece. I have listed my five favorite and the best minimalist everyday jewelry brands below that everyone should know.


My biggest splurge is AU RATE when I have to select day-to-day jewelry, and the reason is that I am madly in love with their eye for simple designs perfectionism. Their jewelry designs will remain with you for years without becoming outdated or even without tarnishing. These are cost-effective as well.



SLEAF is on top of the list of my favorite everyday jewelry brands. It was founded by an independent and perfectionist jewelry designer Syrah, in 2012. The main focus of SLEAF is to design and produce the best quality jewelry. They have specialized in simple and highly polished jewelry with 14K gold and S925 that will match with all dresses in your wardrobe. They are keener about the movement of the industry towards high quality and cost-friendly, affordable jewelry. The tagline of SLEAF is ‘Less is More,’ and this shows clearly what its products are all about.


Are you in search of minimalist jewelry essential which combines contemporary details with classic design? Then, this brand should be your choice!

LITTIONARY has the power to convert a traditionalist piece to a minimalist! Well, it is true at least for the earrings. The matter of fact behind my preference for this brand is the timeless styles and their habit of never compromising on the reflection of customers’ believe. Their jewelry reflects your personality.


A few years ago, two highly passionate jewelry designers joined hands and came up with the brand name AGJC, in Barcelona. Both of them have designing and artistic backgrounds and possess a distinct and creative sight for simple forms of jewelry that evoke emotions. I love all pieces of their jewelry collection that are really unique and become part of my personality without effort.



This brand has the specialty to produce minimalist jewelry to improve the beauty of women by offering a unique collection of everyday jewelry that is easy to wear and affordable, side by side. Their main specialty or item is earrings! They also have the power to convert a traditionalist to a minimalist!



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